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Professor David Boger

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The University of Melbourne and Monash University

Date: May 8, 2014

Time: 4:00 p.m. Thurs

Location: 1519 Engr II

The presentation traces the rheological research starting at Monash University in 1966 and continued at The University of Melbourne. It describes some of the more human aspects as to how Boger fluids were developed, summarises some of the research conducted with these materials, and then leads on to suspension rheology and ultimately to the area of interest today – environmental rheology and sustainability.

Biosketch: David Boger was educated in the United States receiving a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1965. In Australia he has held positions in Chemical Engineering at both Monash University and the University of Melbourne.
Currently he is Engineering Professor at Monash University and was Laureate Professor and Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is past Director of the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council), past Head of Chemical Engineering and former Deputy Director of the Advanced Minerals Products Centre. His research is in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics with interests ranging from basic polymer and particulate fluid mechanics to applications in the minerals, coal, oil, food, and polymer industries. From 1991-2002 Professor Boger was Chairman of the Trade Waste Acceptance Advisory Committee, a group which advised the City of Melbourne on industrial trade waste discharges to the trunk sewer system. He held the position of BHP Billiton Fellow from 2000-2003.

Highlights of his research include the discovery of constant viscosity elastic liquids (Boger fluids); detailed experimental investigations using such materials to define fluid elasticity effects in important flows; the linking of basic surface chemistry to the continuum properties and the processing of particulate fluids; developing novel methods for flow property measurement; and linking of the basic research to significant industrial outcomes in the petroleum, food and minerals industries. He is well-known for exploiting rheology for waste minimization in the minerals industry.

David Boger has received many awards which include The Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Science in 2005, the 2002 Victoria Prize, the Gold Medal of the British Society of rheology in 2001 and the Walter Ahlström Prize of the Finnish Academies of Technologies in 1995. In 2007 he was elected to the Royal Society.

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