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Contact Information

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Phone: (805) 689-1311

Office Location: Risk Studies Center

The Center, 93 Castilian Drive

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Dr. Theo Theofanous,
857 Sea Ranch Drive,
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Physical Location:
Center for Risk Studies & Safety,
93 Castilian Drive,
Goleta, CA 93117

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Education & Honors

BS: ChE, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (1965)

PhD: ChE, University of Minnesota (1969)

Honors: Fellow, American Nuclear Society, (1988)
E.O. Lawrence Medal, US DOE (1997)
Member, National Academy of Engineering (1998)
Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Science, Ufa Branch (1998)
Honorary Doctorate, Lappeenrantaa University, Finland (1999)
Outstanding Achievement Award, University of Minnesota (2004)


Under the major headings of "Risk Assessment and Management in Complex Technological and Environmental Systems" and "Multiphase Transport Phenomena," our interests and work range from basic aspects, such as methodological issues in treating uncertainty in risk assessment, and basic multiphase flow physics, such as interfacial instabilities, to integrative and synthetic efforts towards understanding and optimizing real system behavior, assessing risks, and improving safety. Current key words: interfacial instabilities in high speed flows, aero-breakup, explosive dissemination of liquids, homeland security, defense against chem-bio weapons, burnout physics, nuclear reactor safety.

  • compressible multi-hydrodynamics
  • interfacial instabilities
  • nuclear power reactor safety


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