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Contact Information

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Phone: (805) 893-8133

Fax: (805) 893-4731

Office Location: 3353 Engineering II

Address: 5080 Chemical Engineering Department
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080 USA

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Education & Honors

BS: 1985, ChE, Princeton University

MS: C.P.G.S., 1986, Cambridge University

PhD: 1991, California Institute of Technology

AAAC Control Engineering Practice Award, 2015
Rogert Sargent Lectureship, Imperial College, UK, 2013
IET Systems Biology Premium Award, 2013
Innovator of the Year (S.B. Chamber of Commerce), 2012
Richard S.H. Mah Lectureship, Northwestern University, 2012
David Himmelblau Award (AIChE CAST Division), 2011
IFAC Best Survey Paper Award, J. Process Control, 2008-2011
Fellow, AAAS, 2009
Zaborszky Distinguished Lectureship, Washington U., 2010
ASEE Lectureship Award, Chemical Engineering Division, 2010
Harry Nicholson Distinguished Lectureship in Control, Sheffield University, 2010
(Inaugural Lecturer)
Fellow, AIMBE, 2009
Fellow, IFAC, 2009
Fellow, IEEE, 2008
Computing in Chemical Engineering Award (AIChE CAST Division), 2005
ASEE Ray Fahien Award, 2000
Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, 1996-1999
National Science Foundation National Young Investigator Award, 1992-1997


Biosystems analysis and control: the application of systems engineering principles to the analysis of regulatory mechanisms in biological systems
Biomedical control systems synthesis: control-relevant design of drug delivery devices
Application of advanced control schemes to nonlinear, multivariable, constrained industrial processes with emphasis on: particulate systems and pulp & paper operations
Characterization of process nonlinearity for control-relevant design
Large scale applications of MPC including plant-wide control and cross direction control of sheet/film processes
Experimental studies of nonlinear model-based control of particle size distribution in a semi-batch emulsion polymerization reactor


Online Publication List

T. Hirota, J. Lee, P. St. John, M. Sawa, K. Iwaisako, T. Noguchi, P. Pongsawakul, T. Sonntag, D. Welsh, D. Brenner, F.J. Doyle III, P. Schultz, and S. Kay, “Identification of Small Molecule Activators of Cryptochrome”, Science, 337, 1094-1097, 2012.

Y. Wang, and F.J. Doyle III, “The influence of global cues and local coupling on the rate of synchronization in the presence of time delays”, 49, 1838-1845, Automatica, 2013.

E. Dassau, H. Zisser, R. Harvey, M. Percival, B. Grosman, W. Bevier, D.E. Seborg, L. Jovanovic, and F.J. Doyle III, “Clinical Evaluation of a Personalized Artificial Pancreas”, Diabetes Care, 36, 801-809, 2013.

P.C. St. John, T. Hirota, S.A. Kay, and F.J. Doyle III, “Spatiotemporal separation of PER and CRY post-translational regulation in the mammailian circadian clock”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111, 2040-2045, 2014.

F.J. Doyle III, L.M. Huyett, J.B. Lee, H.C. Zisser, and E. Dassau, “Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas Systems: Engineering the Algorithms”, Diabetes Care, 37, 1191-1197, 2014.