The Interfacial Science Laboratory (also known as the Surface Forces Laboratory) in the College of Engineering at UCSB was established in 1986. It is funded by research grants from US Government agencies, and industrial grants. The research into surface and interfacial phenomena is interdisciplinary, involving chemical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry and biology. The research is mainly experimental and focused in the areas of surface force measurements, colloidal interactions in complex fluid systems and nano-structured materials, friction and lubrication, and the interactions of bio-logical macromolecules and membranes. There are strong links and exchanges with other researchers as well as with theoretical physicists, both at other universities, government labs, and industrial research laboratories. The research group typically consists of 10 to 15 members which include post-docs, graduate students, summer(intern) students, short and long term visitors, a technician and secretarial support.