11th Annual Clorox-Amgen Graduate Student Symposium

Students at outdoor poster session

Scheduled Graduate Student Speakers:

Jan Ulric Garcia – “Modeling the Formation of Polymer Ultrafiltration Membranes”
Jacob Ian Monroe – “Design of Nanoscale Chemical Patterns to Optimize Water Diffusivity at Interfaces”
Anirudha Banerjee – “Steering Millimeter Scale Colloidal Migration with Soluto-inertial Beacons”
Scott Danielsen – “Molecular Design of Polyelectrolyte Complexation for Functional Materials”
Tuan Nguyen – “Thermal Processing of Colloidal Gels”
Lesley Chan – “Fabrication, Chemical Lift-Off, and Optical Characterization of Nanoscale III-Nitride Light Emitters”
Kartik Kamat – “A Free-energy Diabat Approach to Polymorph Stability”
Justin Yoo – “Engineering Membrane Proteins for Diagnostics and Therapeutics”
Dan Mamerow – “A High-Performance Multiplexed Immunoassay Platform with Precisely Tunable Dose-Response Curves”


Friday, October 5th, 2018

About the Symposium

The UC Santa Barbara Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium is a one-day forum for graduate students to present their research. The event is designed to provide a networking opportunity between industrial attendees and members of the department with two main goals:

  1. Highlight ongoing work in the department to stimulate industrial collaborations
  2. Facilitate interactions with students seeking future employment opportunities 

The symposium consists of oral presentations given by senior students throughout the day, a lunch and poster session showcasing the work throughout the department, and a catered evening reception. Industrial attendees will receive a flash drive containing the abstracts and CVs of presenting students to enable future connections.

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