Name Title Office Phone and Email
Mahdi M. Abu-Omar

Mellichamp Chair in Green Chemistry
Professor, Chemistry and (by courtesy) Chemical Engineering

3241 Chemistry (805) 893-5043
Christopher M. Bates

Assistant Professor, Materials and (by courtesy) Chemical Engineering

1518 Engineering II (805) 893-5383
Joseph Chada (he/him/his)

Associate Teaching Professor

Pronounced: Joe Chad-ah

3334 Engineering II (805) 893-4596
Bradley Chmelka


3327 Engineering II (805) 893-3673
Phillip Christopher (he/him/his)

Professor, Rinker Founder's Chair - Mellichamp Chair, Sustainable Manufacturing - Dept Vice Chair

3335 Engineering II (805) 893-2610
Siddharth Dey

Associate Professor

3008 BioEngineering Bldg. (805) 893-5387
Michael Doherty (he/him/his)

Mellichamp Chair in Process Systems Engineering - NAE

3323 Engineering II (805) 893-5309
Glenn Fredrickson

Mitsubishi Chemical Professor

3105 MRL Bldg (805) 893-8308
Michael Gordon

Warren G. and Katharine S. Schlinger Professor 
Department Chair

3351 Engineering II (805) 893-7346
Matthew Helgeson (he/him/his)


Pronounced: HEL-guess-un

3337 Engineering II (805) 893-3372
Eric McFarland


3331 Engineering II
J. Tyler Mefford

Assistant Professor 

3333 Engineering II
Carolyn Mills (she/they)

Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering and (by courtesy) Chemical Engineering
Arnab Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

3349 Engineering II (805) 893-5137
Michelle O'Malley (she/her/hers)


3343 Engineering II (805) 893-4769
James B. Rawlings

Mellichamp Process Control Chair

3329 Engineering II (805) 893-3089
Susannah Scott

Distinguished Professor
Mellichamp Academic Initiative in Sustainability Chair, Sustainable Catalytic Processing

3325 Engineering II and Sycamore Hall (Building 489), Room 101A (805) 893-5606
Rachel Segalman (she/her/hers)

Edward Noble Kramer Professor
Pronounced: RAY-chel SEE-gahl-man

3353 Engineering II & 3117E MRL (805) 893-3709
M. Scott Shell (he/him/his)

John Myers Founder's Chair 
Department Vice Chair

3321 Engineering II (805) 893-4346
Todd Squires


3347 Engineering II (805) 893-7383
Sho Takatori (he/him/his)

Assistant Professor

3341 Engineering II (805) 893-7089

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Office Phone and Email
David Gay

Adjunct Professor
Director of Technology, UCSB Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies

2704 Ellison Hall (805) 893-4675


Name Title Office Phone and Email
L. Gary Leal

Professor Emeritus
Research Professor - NAE

3332 Engineering II (805) 893-8510
Gene Lucas

Professor Emeritus
Duncan Mellichamp

Professor Emeritus

3336 Engineering II (805) 893-2821
Dale Seborg

Professor Emeritus
Research Professor

(805) 893-3352
Theo Theofanous

Professor Emeritus
Director, Center for Risk Studies & Safety

(805) 689-1311


Name Title Office Phone and Email
Rosaura Aguirre (she/her/hers)

Contracts & Grants Analyst

3361A Engineering II 805-893-7577
Mike Best (he/him/his)

Management Services Officer

Pronounced: mY-k

3355A Engineering II (805) 893-4131
Anneclaire Cain (she/her/hers)

Financial Manager

3361A Engineering II 805 893-2950
George Crespo

Computer & Network Tech

3328 Engineering II (805) 893-5911
Erica Diaz (she/her/hers)

Student Affairs Manager

Pronounced: air-i-kuh

3357A Engineering II (805) 893-8671
Rachel Irving (she/her/hers)

Academic Personnel Analyst

Pronounced: RAY-chull

3350 Engineering II (805) 893-8692
Ariel Kim

Undergraduate Lab Manager

1161 & 1165 Engineering II (805) 893-5395
Karina Nuñez de la Torre

Payroll Analyst

3357B Engineering II (805) 893-5146
Cynthia Rojo (she/her/hers)

Chair's Assistant
Seminar Coordinator

Pronounced: sin-thee-uh

3353 Engineering II (805) 893-5438
Laura Spracher

Purchasing, Travel, and Entertainment

3357B Engineering II 805-893-3561

Mellichamp Academic Initiative Program Coordinator

Building 489 Room 101 (805) 893-8614
Jasmine Velazquez (she/her/hers)

Student Affairs Coordinator 

3357 Engineering II 805-893-3412

Visiting Scholars

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Hiroki Aramaki

Visiting Scholar, Segalman Group

3228 Engr II
DongHwan Oh

Visiting Scholar, Scott (link is external)Group


Name Title Office Phone and Email
Shailesh Pathak (he/his/him)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Eric McFarland Group

Pronounced shay-luhsh

Engr II, 3330 805-951-9595
Kenneth Cerdan Gomez

Postdoctoral Scholar, Helgeson Group
Saeed Najafi

Postdoctoral Scholar, Fredrickson Lab
Nicholas Maciulis

Postdoc, Scott Lab

3215H Engineering Science
Yu-Jin Choi

Postdoctoral Scholar, Segalman Lab

3328 6175995163
Christopher Balzer

Postdoctoral Scholar, Fredrickson(link is external) Lab
Erfan Behravesh

Postdoctoral Scholar, Susannah Scott Lab(link is external)

Engineering Science Building, 3411 805-893-8941
Duyu Chen
Postdoctoral Scholar, Fredickson's Group
Jinhu Dong

Postdoctoral Scholar, Susannah Scott Lab

ESB 3411 8205873544
Caidric Gupit

Postdoctoral Scholar, Helgeson(link is external) Group
Tongxin Han

Postdoctoral Scholar, Susannah Scott Lab

3213 Engineering Science Building
Seunghwa Hong

Postdoctoral Scholar, Christopher Lab

3118 Henley hall
Dae Yeon Kim

Postdoctoral Scholar, Takatori Group

Engineering II 3338 805-259-6546
Kaamini Marimuthu Dhanabalan

Postdoc, Mukherjee Lab

Elings 18059519406
Silvia Marino

Postdoctoral Scholar, Christopher Lab

3002 Henley Hall
Justin Marlowe

Postdoctoral Scholar, Eric McFarland and Phil Christpher Group
Pankaj Mogha

Postdoctoral Scholar, Dey Lab
Oscar Nordness

Postdoctoral Scholar, Segalman Lab
Hugh Purdy

Postdoctoral Scholar, O'Malley Group
Samji Samira

Postdoctoral Scholar, Christopher Lab
Saumya Sarkar

Postdoctoral Scholar, Dey Lab
Neha Saxena

Postdoctoral Scholar, Dey Lab
Trilokpati Tribedi

Postdoctoral Scholar, Eric McFarland Group
R Bharath Venkatesh

Postdoctoral Scholar, Rachel Segalman Lab

Xiangxi Meng

Postdoctoral Scholar, Segalman Lab
Shuyi Xie

Postdoctoral Scholar, Segalman Lab
Dafei Yuan

Postdoctoral Scholar, Segalman Lab
Bo Zhang

Postdoctoral Scholar, Michelle O'Malley Lab

Graduate Students

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Cameron Adams

Graduate Student, Segalman Lab
Gaurav Agarwal (He/him/his)

Graduate Student, Squires Lab

Pronounced: GAH-ruhv
Colleen Ahern (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, O'Malley Lab
Zakariya Al Kharusi

Graduate Student
Janelle Arnold

Graduate Student, O'Malley and Mills Lab
Daniel Arnold (he/him/his)

Graduate Student, Takatori Lab

Pronounced: dan-YUHL
Samantha Ausman

Graduate Student, Scott and Han Lab
Michelle "Logan" Baldini (He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs)

Graduate Student, Mukherjee Lab
Shoili Banerjee

Graduate Student, Mills Lab
Isabel Beeley

Graduate Student
Ryan Berry

Graduate Student, Gordon and Christopher Lab
Jonathan Bingaman (He/They)

Graduate Student, Segalman and Scott Lab
Elaina Blair

Graduate Student, O'Malley Lab
Lazarina Butkovich (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, O'Malley Lab
Pronounced: LAW-zuh-REE-nuh BOOT-koh-vitch
Devon Callan

Graduate Student, Bates Lab
Annabelle Canestraight

Graduate Student, Fredrickson and Vlcek Lab
Jason Chalmers

Graduate Student, Scott Lab
Vincent Chen

Graduate Student
Kyu Hwan Choi (He/him/his)

Graduate Student, Takatori  Lab

Pronounced:Kyoo Hahn
Prithvi Dake

Graduate Student, Rawlings Lab
Anukta Datta (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Helgeson Lab

Pronounced: Aa-nook-ta
Victoria Diaz

Graduate Student, Gordon and Chmelka Lab
Jerrick Edmund

Graduate Student, Segalman and Hawker Lab
Colby Fronk

Graduate Student, Petzold Lab
Matteo Garcia-Ortiz

Graduate Student
Aakanksha Gubbala

Graduate Student, Takatori Lab
Hosu Gwak

Graduate Student, Chmelka and Han Lab
Juyeon Ha

Graduate Student, Mukherjee and Takatori Lab
Tse-Chiang Huang

Graduate Student, Helgeson and Shell Lab
Rika Ilagan

Graduate Student, Scott Lab
Anika Jalil

Graduate Student, Christopher Lab
Shirley Jin

Graduate Student, O'Malley Lab
Mizuki Kamata

Graduate Student, Fredrickson Lab
Seongeun Kang

Graduate Student
DongBeom Kim

Graduate Student
Steven Kuntz

Graduate Student, Rawlings Lab
Jaewon Lee

Graduate Student, Mefford Lab
Matt Lertola (he/him/his)

Graduate Student, Chmelka Lab
Isaac Lewis

Graduate Student
Charles Li

Graduate Student, Shell and Fredrickson Lab
Anthea Li

Graduate Student
Xichen Liang

Graduate Student, Zhu and Squires Labs
Norleakvisoth Lim

Graduate Student, Gordon and Nakamura Labs
Ming-Pei Lin

Graduate Student, Mefford Lab
Yin-Chen Lin

Graduate Student, Gordon Lab
James Lin

Graduate Student
Samuel Lobo

Graduate Student, Shell and Shea Labs
Davide Mannini

Graduate Student, Rawlings Lab
Ethan McGarrigle (he/him/his)

Graduate Student, Fredrickson Lab

Pronounced: eeth-in
Alyssa McNarney

Graduate Student, Chmelka Lab
Michael Meng

Graduate Student
Shawn Mengel (he/him/his)

Graduate Student, Segalman Lab

Pronounced: Shawn
Vikram Mubayi

Graduate Student, O’Malley Lab
Sachit Nagella

Graduate Student
Neha Padwal

Graduate Student, Doherty Lab
Andrea Perez

Graduate Student, Helgeson Lab
Anna Pischer (She/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Chmelka Lab

Dylan Pollard

Graduate Student, Squires Lab
Siobhan Powers

Graduate Student, Helgeson Lab
Evan Pretti

Graduate Student, Shell Lab
Titus Quah (He/him/his)

Graduate Student, Rawlings and Takatori Lab

Timothy Quah

Graduate Student, Fredrickson Lab
R. Ramya Ragunathan

Graduate Student, ChmelkaO'Malley, and Brzezinski Lab
Graham Reitz

Graduate Student, Gordon Lab
Kelsey Richardson

Graduate Student, Abu-Omar and Christopher Lab
Daniela Rivera Mirabal (She/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Segalman and Shell Lab
Pronounced:DAH-nee-e-lah REE-vuh-rah MEE-rah-bal
Sara Sandlass (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Gordon Lab
Elizabeth Schauer (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Dey Lab

Pronounced: Elizabeth Shower
Emily Schroeder

Graduate Student, Christopher Lab
Vikram Shanbhag

Graduate Student, O'Malley and Shell Lab
Anoushka Shandilya (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student, Helgeson Lab

Pronounced A-noosh-ka
Kirsten Sjoberg

Graduate Student
Manseong Song

Graduate Student
Cassidy Tobin

Graduate Student, Read de Alaniz and Bates Labs
Beatrice Tremblay

Graduate Student
Chieh Wang

Graduate Student, Dey Lab
Zachary Westman

Graduate Student, Christopher and Abu-Omar Lab
Rembert White (He/him/his)

Graduate Student, Fredrickson and Beyerlein Lab

Jenna Wolfanger

Graduate Student
Yaxin Xu

Graduate Student, Takatori Lab
Zachary Yam

Graduate Student
Alec Zackin

Graduate Student
David Zhao

Graduate Student, Fredrickson and Shell Lab