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UCSB Chemical Engineering Affiliation


UCSB Chemical Engineering alumni are highly talented, successful, driven, and innovative professionals in a number of industries across the globe. You are an important part of the community of the Department of Chemical Engineering, the College of Engineering, and UCSB. As alumni, our graduates support the department in a number of ways, including mentoring current students, contributing to scholarships and other funds, and getting involved with leadership. We welcome your involvement and hope you’ll stay connected.

Get Involved

  • Hire Gauchos! Chemical Engineering students need internships and jobs. Cultivate talent and work with young engineers.
  • Mentor Students: Contact us to be a guest speaker, mentor, or lecturer. We need your talent, experience, and enthusiasm. 
  • Research: Contact us if you are interesting in a research partnership with Chemical Engineering. 
  • Attend an Alumni Event: Join the Chemical Engineering Landsharks, or attend an alumni event such as the UCSB All-Gaucho Reunion
  • Donate: Make an investment in the Department toward scholarships, fellowships, and towards recruiting and retaining the best and brightest minds in Chemical Engineering.