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Erica Diaz
Student Affairs Manager
Chemical Engineering Department
Engineering II, Room 3357A

Changing Your Major to Chemical Engineering

Admission to the Chemical Engineering major is highly competitive, and is determined by a number of factors including available space, overall UCSB grade point average, and satisfactory completion of the following courses or their equivalents: Math 3A-B, Math 4A; Chemistry 1A-1AL or 2A-2AC, 1B-1BL or 2B-2BC, 1C-1CL or 2C-2CC; Engineering 3; and Physics 1-2. Decisions involving factors beyond scores and grades are made exclusively by the chemical engineering faculty. Only a limited number of petitions will be approved. 

Students who enter UCSB as transfer students are only permitted to major in a College of Engineering major if they were directly admitted into that specific major when they matriculated as a transfer student. Transfer students may not petition to change to or add an engineering major.

All students interested in changing into Chemical Engineering must meet with Erica Diaz, the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Advisor, during fall quarter to go over the process and the requirements. You may either email to make an appointment, or stop by the office, Engr II, Room 3357A. Appointments are recommended.

Changing Out of the Chemical Engineering Major

If you are a current chemical engineering student wishing to change to another engineering major, consult the College of Engineering Undergraduate Office.

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